How Can I Help?

Yesterday, a friend apologized for not contacting us to talk because he/she did not know what to say.  Hey, that’s okay.  Really, truly.  I get that it can be awkward.

But, please don’t feel awkward around us.  We are at the point where we can talk about stuff.  We don’t get offended if people ask how we are doing.  There’s stuff I don’t want to write about online, but that I’ll tell people in person.  We aren’t wounded. We aren’t angry.

There is a way that you can help us.

So how can you help?

We need people to pray for us–everyday.  It can feel selfish to ask you to pray, but this is the kind of stuff that will affect the rest of our lives and the little people’s lives who are entrusted to us.  And a birthmother’s life.

If there is one thing I’ve learned through all of this is that there are a ton of you who love us.  What a gift to know that.

So pray for us and pray for the kiddos that we will welcome into our home.  In all seriousness, a woman in the United States or another country could be pregnant with a child right now who will be entrusted to our care.  When I wake up at night, I think of her and pray for her.

Please pray for B and I as we make decisions about adoption–which agency to use, where to adopt from, where not to adopt from, etc.  We need the Lord’s discernment and we surrender all of this to His care.  We really need discernment and wisdom.  Please commit to praying for this with us.

We surrender this to His care, and ask that you join with us in that prayer.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be meeting with people who have adopted domestically and internationally.  Be praying for these conversations.  And if you have adopted or you are adopted, we want to learn from you.


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