What’s In My Suitcase? Playdoh Party Bag

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We will likely travel to China the first or second week of December to adopt our two year old son.

We are also taking our 3.5 year old daughter with us to China.

Yes, pray for all of us now. 30 hours of travel with two toddlers. Bless. It is the adoption version of child birth without an epidural. But you share in this lovely moment with 400 other passengers.

Real special.

So now that I am in freak out mode (aka nesting), I am starting to buy items that will go in my suitcase. I’ll blog about some of the items I think are particularly helpful.

One of the items that is always in my diaper bag for Lydia is 1 ounce containers of Playdoh. These are sold as a Playdoh Party Bag and come with 15, 1-ounce containers of Playdoh.

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I like the 1-ounce Playdoh containers over the larger size because —
1. They don’t take up much space in my suitcase or diaper bag
2. They don’t weigh much
3. It is the perfect amount to squeeze in little and big hands
4. I can easily toss them in the trash if they get gross – which is a must when traveling
5. Squeezing Playdoh is relaxing and reduces stress (don’t be surprised if you see me in a corner squeezing Playdoh)
6. Squeezing Playdoh helps regulate my daughter in stressful or sensory-overload environments
7. Even though I am not confident TSA is supposed to allow it in a carry-on, we have every time we fly
8. There are attachment games that are easily played with Playdoh
9. Playdoh is fun for big kids and little kids
10. Sometimes I can find the Party Bags on clearance after Halloween because some stores sell them as a trick or treating item

So, you can guarantee I won’t be leaving without my Playdoh Party Bag.