Prayers for Lydia – Surgery at Shriners Hospital

“Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”  – Elizabeth Stone


On Tuesday morning, at 8am, the biggest piece of my heart — Miss Lydia — will undergo hand surgery on her lucky fin at the wonderful Shriners Hospital in St. Louis.

The idea of placing her entire well-being in strangers’ hands is gut wrenching. But, Dr. Goldfarb is an amazing surgeon and compassionate. As Lydia always tells me, “I love my Dr. Goldfarb.” She notices any change in his facial hair or haircut, and always makes sure to mention it when she sees him.

Lydia is having web-deepening surgery on her lucky fin in an attempt to give her more of a “thumb” (not really a typical thumb, but to give her more space between her thumb nubbin and pointer nubbin so that the thumb nubbin might function more as a helper). The thumb accounts for 40-50% of a person’s hand function, so this could absolutely help her have more function. She often tries to pick things up with her lucky fin, but has no space for that pinching function. She is also having a nail removed from her thumb nubbin. Many kids with symbrachydactyly grow nails that get irritated and quite painful on their nubbins. Lydia has one like this, and will have it surgically removed.


I have been asked if the surgery will make her hand look more typical, and the answer is no. Surgery may make her lucky fin look less typical. For us, functionality is key.


I would love for you to storm heaven for our bright light.


Please pray for a safe and effective surgery. Pray for Dr. Goldfarb, the anesthesiologist, and all of the nurses. Pray they provide excellent care and are compassionate. Pray for Lydia’s heart, mind, and body – pray for God’s angels to be surrounding her and protecting her. Pray for protection against harm. Pray for healing and pain management. I will need to share Lydia’s history with those who will care for Lydia, and pray for ears and hearts that will listen and advocate for her.


Lydia has requested that we come right home after she is discharged on Tuesday, so we will do our best to do that. Pray for traveling protection and no vomiting. We have a 6-7 hour drive each way.


So grateful for the way so many of you love our family.


Lydia is our bright light, our treasure.