Lydia’s Wise Words

“When I met you guys at the hotel, I tried to smile but I was really, really scared.”

We told her that was understandable that she was so scared. We were strangers. We told her that Barrett will be scared too.

“What should we do to make him feel safe?” I asked.

Lydia thinks a minute and says, “We should play with him and share our toys. We should show him how fun we are.”

Basically, she is a genius.

Packing My Freezer – Bone Broth

Hi, I am at the scary point in nesting where I pack my freezer like we are approaching some kind of apocalyptic scenario where electricity still runs a freezer. I know.

One of the key items packing my freezer in mass quantity is homemade bone broth for Barrett.

When Lydia came home from China, we could see physical signs that she needed added nutrients to her diet. We immediately added bone broth to the congee and ramen noodles she ate for nearly every meal.

I use a pressure cooker to make this recipe. Nom Nom Paleo Bone Broth