When We First “Saw” Barrett

It’s time I share about how this second adoption got started. Sorry, we were busy with the home study, and some interesting life stuff and wow, it is almost June.

So let me take you back to December/January…

Bryson and I had been talking about starting the adoption process again for a few months. We had decided on an agency, and in our minds we resolved we were using this particular agency, but we had not signed anything yet. But then, I did not feel at peace at all. There were complaints about their travel fees. And so, I started looking at other agencies, though we weren’t rushing. I called one agency that has great reviews and left several messages, but never got a call back. So then, we decided to use the agency we used for Lydia’s adoption. This agency is good, they know their stuff, we know them, no surprises, but a bit more expensive. But for whatever reason, after completing most of the initial application, I did not feel at peace. I did not submit it, and felt compelled to WAIT. This is not my typical way of being.

So, one night after Lydia went to bed, Bryson and I talked about this lack of peace. We both agreed just to wait it out. “Maybe it is not the right time?” I wondered. We agreed to just wait.

In January, I took a break from Facebook, but felt compelled to reach out to an adoptive mom friend and share with her where B and I were at – in a place of waiting, and not knowing which agency to use. I told her that we were really open to only one special need this time – limb differences. That day, Lydia met another little girl with a limb difference and she was overjoyed to see someone like her. It just confirmed to me that this was the right decision for our family. My friend was stunned at what I was saying – we did not go with the original agency, for some reason we felt compelled to wait, and that we wanted to adopt a boy younger than Lydia with a upper limb difference.

She responded, “Saw a precious little boy on an agency’s waiting child list with limb differences – affects both hands. Seriously, I just spotted him last night at about 1 o’clock in the morning and was thinking about you, but then I’m also thinking that you had already signed with the first agency.”

My heart started racing, y’all. Already, my gut said “This is why you have been waiting.” Waiting children are agency specific, meaning we must use the agency the child was listed with. If we had signed with those other agencies, we would’ve been out money. All that time, we weren’t looking for the right agency, we were waiting to see our child.

My friend then sent his photo and I screamed and called Bryson.

“May I look at his file?” I said, slightly out of breath.

“Why are you asking permission? Of course you can.” He replied. Smart man.

10 minutes later, I called Bryson back.

“Ummmm. Read his file PRONTO please. Please. And then call me back.”

I got a call back – green light from the husband.

I called the agency to find out more. A family had his file on hold, but because of other circumstances and the desire to adopt a hard to place child, we suddenly had his file. I completed the entire application in lightning speed to “hold” his file.

Our amazing hand surgeon from Shriner’s emailed us back within 12 hours. We talked with our amazing International Adoption Physician. There was lots of giggling and oohing and aahing over this precious little man.

And so, there you have it. I won’t show his photo until we have LOA. But I will share this precious photo of Lydia seeing his photo for the first time.


But we are ecstatic! We saw his photo almost five months ago, and by the time we saw a photo of Lydia we traveled four months later. So I am definitely getting antsy. We are hoping to travel in January.

Blessings & peace,